Our Story

It all started around the kitchen table. In what became the first of many lockdowns... I was stuck, grounded from my aviation career. With the reality of the situation dawning on me. Something needed to be done.

After a much needed session in the garden... an old love ignited an idea. A simple candle making kit later and I was hooked. Seemingly endless sleepless nights continued, this time not from pandemic news and financial anxiety, but from ideas. Countless drafts, designs, research & rabbit holes. Along with a healthy dose of day dreaming... okay probably too much.

By September of 2020, with the cupboards of the little granny flat full of candles, and wanting to put more boxes under the bed, Eric pushed me out the door with mum (Vicki)... "Daniel it's ready, you're ready". So with a decent dose of anxiety between the both of us we knocked on doors. That afternoon we had made it in 4 stores... So I guess you could say we were in business!

Like gardening, it hasn't all been smooth sailing. But things always change like the seasons, and spring came around again. We certainly have had a ton of fun along the way and learnt a lot about ourselves.

We are passionate gardeners, I think I was born with a green thumb thanks to my parents. We absolutely love bringing a little of the garden inside the homes of our amazing customers and supporters.

Thank you all so much for embracing our little adventure! We have so much planned and can't wait to share it with you!

- Love Daniel + Fairywren Family



We find inspiration in the beauty & magic of the garden. At our home in the Southern Highlands, we have thoughtfully curated our collection to fill any place with “loveliness”.


We meticulously craft the perfect candle for your happy place. Using all natural soy wax with no additives, our candles are inspired by childhood gardens, loved ones, nature and memories.


Fairywren donates 10% of profits to Reforest Now to help protect our unique and endangered feathered friends from climate change & deforestation.